The Tale Behind The Tailoring

I recently designed The Moidart Coat.  This was initially inspired by a coat I saw on the film "Jane Got A Gun".  Worn by Natalie Portman,  I loved the flare and fit on her and decided to make a black coat.  Wearing black is something I rarely do, I think I own one black garment in my whole wardrobe!  I have always looked to colour, so when I decided to make a full length black coat, I knew I was on a fun path of the unknown!  


I am always looking to the past for inspiration, and recently I have taken an interest in my family tree.  I have been looking at the ancient names, all going back to 1060 and am I excited to delve into researching the people I'm descended from… I feel another blog post coming up soon….  


For the length and flare of the coat I incorporated the Victorian era, and the structure of the sleeves and back of the coat I looked to tudor times…


I used black Harris Tweed and a gold satin lining.  I wanted to use gold and black together, so gold trimming around the sleeves and black satin piping around the cuffs, front and back detail.  Gold lace buttons made by hand and a deep blue velvet facing allows that soft touch around the front and neck.


This coat is currently at Maggie and Suzi boutique in Inverness, but I can design and make a bespoke coat to a client's measurements, whether you would like this coat or something different. 

Please click Bespoke work to view the process in getting a custom made coat

L x