Autumn in the highlands

Well, that’s us well into autumn, the mornings and evening are growing dark, and It’s pretty easy to get a little sad if you let it happen.

Having said that, I do love this time of year, it can be hard but the beauty all around is breathtaking - crisp leaves scatter the forest floor and the air has a fresh earthy smell.  The highlands can look like a dead landscape in the approaching winter months, yet it's thriving with wildlife.  Deer graze and blend into the hillside, geese fly in from Greenland honking along the lochs and red squirrels occasionally pop up to say hello in the quiet forests.

It is peaceful and magical in the highlands during these months - everything slows down.  Often not seeing a person for days, it gives you time to reflect and hibernate for the months to come.  I love the rich autumn colours of the forests and the hills, the amber, ochre and rich reds – I would say this time of the year in particular is very inspiring for me.  Designing new styles that reflect the colours of the landscape whilst serving a practical purpose of keeping the wearer warm.

The mornings are cold and dark outside so inside, my kitchen is warm and filled with smells of cinnamon, honeyed porridge and coffee.  It’s here my day begins slowly, allowing me to adjust my mind to the day ahead and start to make lists of what needs to be done.  I am a much different version of myself compared to Summer Lorna where I would be up at 6am, walking outside and starting work in my studio for 8am.  From autumn time I need a bit more of a gentler rising, so hot breakfast, coffee and start work in my studio later in the morning.

My tips for living creatively in the country around this time of year - use autumn time to motivate you, get outside as much as possible (by walking, running) take photographs, draw.  Soak up the colours of this special time.  Keeping the body fit and the mind open and seeking inspiration.