The days are getting that little bit shorter, the roads are quieter and there’s that nip in the air - yip it’s Autumn here in the highlands! I can’t believe it’s coming to the end of September already, I had planned to do so much more with my month but the time has fallen through my fingers yet again! oh well I just need to tell myself that there’s only me - I can’t be several people, (which most clothing labels have various people to do all the aspects of the business). So I just need to make sure I give myself realistic challenges each month and for the remainder of the year. But it’s so hard to do!!

I have recently replenished my stock at Maggie & Suzi boutique, which currently is the place I am showing off the peg work. I am also displaying in the very rural Ardnamurchan distillery where I have a small selection of one-off pieces. As I said there’s only me so I can only do a small selection, but this suits my ethos of timeless pieces made from quality locally sourced materials and made by hand…in other terms - Slow Fashion.

I will be taking part in a fashion show in Inverness on the 7th of October, I will be showcasing work alongside other Scottish designers and I can’t wait. I will be posting photos on my social media channels, so stay tuned!

Since the Summer I have been working on commissions. The tailcoat has proved very popular so I have made a few bespoke versions for individual clients which has been lots of fun! I love meeting with different people and to see them decide on colours and fabrics is so fascinating - it shows their unique personality, which I can then reflect in a coat. So dealing with some of the commissions, I’ve basically been working by email - client sends me their measurements and I draft a toile (test garment) and post it out to the client. The client then tries on the toile, I make any necessary adjustments (perhaps repost another toile) then construct the final piece and send out to client. I also had a visit from MSP Kate Forbes to my studio, and I’m delighted to say I will be making a jacket for. I’m very excited and can’t wait to see Kate model her very own unique tweed jacket.

I am planning a mini photoshoot for autumn, I’m hoping the time doesn’t pass me by! But eager to show the highland landscape and all it’s glory with the autumnal colours. I have my model confirmed and designs in my mind so just ironing out some more details! Will keep you posted on progress but at this stage it’ll likely be around Glenfinnan and Glencoe area.

So right now I plan to fit in a few things that keep me calm and happy. Recently I have been picking all the early autumn veggies from the garden, picking chanterelles and making homemade raspberry jam. It’s important to look after yourself, to take time out and enjoy the little things - for me I’ll be walking and baking. Never underestimate what a little break away from work can do. It can inspire and rejuvenate. Especially for the next couple of months, time needs to be taken to do the things you enjoy as the mornings grow darker and colder, we all need a pick me up.

Until next time…

L x