Highland lass in the big city

November already?  I feel like i have been in such a frenzy this year that it's passed by so quickly, I can't quite believe we're heading into the Christmas season.

Winter is here, the mornings are dark and the afternoons are gloomy.  Things are slowing down and particularly in my village there is barely a car on the road, very quiet.  So it was quite a shock to go down to busy Glasgow earlier this month to attend the Scotland Re:Designed event - SR:D 2017.  It was here that I exhibited my work alongside fellow scottish designers, and participated in talks, workshops and the Hypermarket.  It was a boost that i needed, it's now been a year since I won Dragon's Glen 2016 and I felt I was at the stage to be connecting with the fashion industry in the city.  I attended the annual Fashion Show whilst there, which was alot of fun and showed me just how much i can miss out on by living away in the highlands.

Much advice and contacts made, i feel good about next year and the path I'll be taking.  Ideas of 2017 styles forming in my head.  It also made me realize my process of designing, that I'm not a crazy sketcher that i often see with other designers.  I have an idea in my head for days, weeks, even months.  Designing it all in my head before i put pen to paper, and only then when i finally make the design I know the final outcome.

So vegan cafes, gin bars and fashion shows will need to wait till I'm next down to glasgow!  Looking out my window at 4pm just now and it's almost dark....  

In Scandinavia they have a 'hygge', here in Scotland it's just time for a hot toddy.


L x