Behind the curtain

I can't believe it's been a month since I wrote my last blog entry.  It honestly feels like 3 months ago!  In a good way that is as I have packed in a lot since May.  A pop up shop was opened by myself and fellow designer Gemma Carver at the end of May and since it's launch night we have been frantic at creating new work to showcase in our fashion show (which was held last Saturday).  It's been a whirlwind for sure, but I've enjoyed it all.  We couldn't believe why we organised a fashion show and shop - were we insane? why do this to ourselves?  But the results after the fashion show proved completely worth it.  I was overwhelmed by the support of locals, old friends and new friends.  The community feeling I got was incredible.

OK obviously nothing goes exactly to plan, and even if you think you have everything planned there's always a spanner in the works!  Little things like raffle tickets going missing and issues with the PA system are just there to keep us on our toes, right?  Each time I'd decide to do a job, I'd be approached by five more issues to solve!  But somehow miraculously the show happened and all the small problems we had were dealt with and things just fell into place.  I've never planned a fashion show before, so now I know all the many different areas that need to be organised.  

Being backstage with the models getting their hair and makeup done was a lot of fun, there was a fantastic feeling that we were all there together helping each other out, many of us not knowing each other originally but forming bonds for here on after.  After the audience arrived and took their seats I felt my heart was firmly in my mouth and wouldn't budge!  Once the first lot of models went on the catwalk and came backstage for their next fitting I couldn't believe how quickly it all went, almost feeling like I was in another person's body.  Changing each outfit at the speed of light, sending out the next model all whilst making sure everything is keeping in time to the music.  The models were all different age groups and local, I couldn't believe how professional they all were, once they hit the catwalk in their new outfits I was so proud like a mother with her children!

After the collections were shown to the audience, there was the final walk with all the models and us designers.  At that point I was just working on adrenaline and was so proud of myself and Gemma for making it all happen.  There was such a loving cheering buzz in that room, everyone showing their support.  I even went out again to draw the raffle and spoke to the crowd, which is very unlike me but felt it was important to show who we are and by that stage I was feeling great, I'd have spoken into a microphone at any stadium!

So a big thank you to everyone who helped and supported us, particularly for our first show it meant alot!  Here's to the next one!

L x