Spring Flourish

May has been a busy month so far, after my trip to Nepal and the Skye photoshoot collaboration - I've been really happy with the last couple of months.  I remember saying at the start of the year that I wanted to do some travel and take on collaborations.  I'm delighted to say I have already travelled and have now been a part of two collaborations!  I think having an intention or goal and saying it aloud can really make a difference.  The Skye photoshoot was amazing! I met some talented super lovely people - Claire Marie (model), Darja Bilyk (Photographer) and Steven McGee-Callender (Film maker).  I was delighted to dress the beautiful Claire Marie in tartan and tweed using my theatrical edge, all with the epic backdrop of the highlands and islands.  I can't wait to show more photos once the time is right, but I believe we really showcased the work of scottish creative talent.  Below is a tiny wee peek....

I have also started another collab with fellow designer Gemma at Nonchalant.  Both of us have spent years in other countries gaining industry experience and both of us now decided to come back home to start our next chapters in fashion.  This month I have been part of an amazing team organising a fashion show in the dramatic setting of the Ben Nevis mountain glen.  Our aim is to promote local businesses and show that you can live and work anywhere.  From a designer's point of view I have felt that to be taken seriously you need to move to the larger cities of the world to get noticed - this way we mean to make our own rules.  I have been at my most creative whilst living here in the highlands - I want to stay, be inspired and hopefully inspire others.  Organising a fashion show is a lot of work - models, makeup, hair, marketing, venue, food, drinks, fittings, oh and having the Collection finished! The list goes on!  But all exciting and making me see just how many creative ENTREPRENEURS are in the highlands.  As well as the fashion show, I am thrilled to be part of a pop-up shop which will open at the end of May for June and July.  I can't wait to put my designs on display, offering made to measure services and to meet with clients directly will be so much fun.  The pop-up will feature hand crafted couture from scottish designers, we want to create a hub for creativity - giving clients an insight into the process behind each piece, designed and handmade in the highlands.

In the meantime, I've been in my studio creating some new styles for Summer which includes designs from my recent trip to Nepal, and creating a fusion of scottish and Nepalese fabrics.  I've been using a stunning silk brocade from Nepal and combining this with a luxurious taffeta to create the opera style jacket.  Also I've been mixing woven nepalese fabric with tweed which is so effective, I think they work beautifully together.  Each day I'm trying to cram in a walk before I head into my studio.  I'm in the process of producing 2 styles of a kimono and another opera jacket.  These styles will be previewed at the fashion show in June, and will be available in the pop-up shop.  So a few more weeks to go, but hoping to add a few more styles....back into the studio I go, even on this sunny day!

I will send out the details of both events via email, if you can make it, I would love to see you there.

L x