Winter Reflections

Another year is almost closing its door to reopen a new one.  The festive period is such a good time to force yourself to take slower steps – I think if we weren’t made to do it, so many of us would keep going! Recently I have been taking time out from my studio and helping locally to plant native trees back in the highlands.  I was planting Willow in particular and it felt such a worthwhile task of helping to bring new life to an area – I look forward to seeing the various native trees including Elm, Oak and Rowan all growing up and creating a natural habitat to a once barren landscape.

To reflect, this year has been such a whirlwind for me and I’ve loved every minute of it.  From the start of the year I took a life changing trip out to Nepal where I did a trekking tour.  Hiking everyday from village to village, we gradually worked our way up 5,500 metres above sea level. It was such a beautiful (and difficult at times!) trip, I was able to meet incredible and inspiring people as well as sourcing Nepalese fabrics for new collections (read about my Nepal trip).

I was also part of a popup shop over the summer months with fashion label Nonchalant. We set up shop, showcasing our own designs and selling directly to passing clientele. It was great to get honest feedback and to meet existing and new customers - such a fun time. This positive popup spurred us on to setup a fashion show in the outdoor capital of the UK (click here to see my blog post). 

From collaborating with other designers and supporting one another came various photoshoot collaborations - allowing me to create tartan garments and showcase them in the wild hills of Scotland. Meeting photographers, stylists, models has been amazing.

From photoshoot collabs came more Fashion shows - including Harris Tweed Hebrides Scottish Design catwalk and the Inverness Fashion Show (organised by boutique Maggie & Suzi where I stock one off pieces)

Some of you may already know that I am heading out to Melbourne, Australia in the New Year. I’m very excited to spend a few months in the sunny city, using it as a backdrop for upcoming styles. It may be a little mad to bring out tweed to Australia in the height of summer - but I have a good feeling about taking these quality fabrics over and showcasing new styles on the other side of the world!

So for now I say this is the time of year to reflect and thank whatever and whoever has helped you along the way.  As we say, it’s not a sprint but a marathon. Take time to say thank you…..

Thanks to all my absolutely lovely followers. You have been so encouraging and are just the best family one could want! Wishing you a relaxing and happy festive period, wherever you are.

L x