Glasgow to Glencoe

Seasons are coming and going extremely fast! The last time I wrote my blog I was in a completely different place - in my state of mind and in my business. I had a bit of time to reflect on things - where I wanted to be and what I wanted for the business. I also had a break to allow time to prepare for the coming busy season. The month of November has presented me with new opportunities that I’m very grateful for. I was over the moon to showcase my designs at a Fashion Show organised by Harris Tweed Hebrides. The event was in Glasgow, so it gave me the opportunity to travel down (with the car packed with all my garments!) and escape to city life for a day. I was able to dress my own models, which meant I was backstage were all the nerves (and clothes!) were flying! Photographers were clicking away, music pumping and my designs showcased down the catwalk. Big appreciation to my models who made the outfits look so much better, and to fellow designer Elizabeth Martin and of course Harris Tweed Hebrides! From that event, things have suddenly sprung up including new photoshoots. I’ve let my love for tartan shine through with my new designs, including a fantastical multi-tartan skirt, tailcoat and dress-coat.

I was delighted to be involved in a photoshoot in Glen Etive one wintery Monday this month. They wanted to shoot one of my tartan skirts, so I met them in the hills with my garments. The team was fairly large with a couple of photographers, stylist, hair and makeup assistants and the model. It was lots of fun to see a different angle and all the various people needed in a magazine photoshoot. I took some behind the scenes shots, but fingers crossed you see something in a newsstand soon!

I met with a fabulous photographer Gavin MacQueen for a photoshoot in Glencoe the other day. The weather was crazy cold and I felt like my hands were going to fall off! But I’m very excited about it and just love working with such amazing talented creative people at the moment. We did a shoot on Rannoch Moor and one stage taking snaps of the beautiful redhead model Francesca wearing a redcoat. It was drawing attention from passers by - to see a redcoat walking in the vast boggy moorland!

I am looking forward to seeing the end results and will keep you all posted as soon as i get them!

I also met again with MSP Kate Forbes, who now has her very own bespoke jacket. I was so excited to see the style on her - incorporating her favourite colour turquoise, with elegance and a quirky edge. Looking forward to seeing her wearing it in future.

So here’s to a very fashionable November. Striving to always make women feel good in what they wear and to have fun in the process. Let’s see what December brings…

L x