A Little Chaos

Plunging straight into sewing this month I have realised the lack of time I've given myself to create my Collection!  I will be showing this year at The Royal Highland Show in Ingliston (22nd - 25th June) and Scone Palace Game Fair (30th June -2nd July).

The most time consuming part has been deciding on fabrics, trimmings and buttons.  In particular the buttons and buckles, I was aware that these final touches can make or break an outfit.  But after much toing and froing, I have finalised the details, so here we go!

I’m delighted with my range of tweeds – herringbone with an overcheck, stunning sea-green, royal blue and a punchy red.  The luxurious velvets – royal blue, teal and berry red will all team up beautifully with the tweeds and a peacock print for the linings.  All these materials are produced in the UK, keeping to my values of sustainability.

There are so many different aspects of showing my Collection - the displays, labels, swing tags, flyers, bags, the list goes on and on.  Each time I think I have everything covered, more pop up!

At the moment I am cutting out and constructing pieces for the upcoming Spring photoshoot.  I have a lovely model with beautiful dark wavy hair and she will be modelling a waistcoat, jacket, kilt as well as some accessories.  Since my main inspiration is the highland landscape, what better than to have my local highland landscape as the backdrop in the photoshoot.

".......Delving into the folklore, romance and natural beauty of the highlands of scotland, each piece is hand crafted using quality, locally sourced fabrics that give the wearer a creation that embodies the spirit of the highlands."

L x