End of Wedding Season

This year has been pretty busy so far, apart from plunging head on into my business…I’ve also been preoccupied with weddings!  I recently got married in spring this year, and have been attending a few weddings over the summer.  For the weddings I’ve attended as a guest, I’ve ensured I make my own outfit and take my business cards in my bag...just incase!  If nothing else, it’s a talking point; It’s a little embarrassing if people ask what I do then remark on what I’m wearing – and I hadn’t made it!  I've been caught out a few times, so no more!

My personal style is vintage – particularly eras from 1920s to 1950s.  I love bright luxurious fabrics, especially silks like Charmeuse.  It’s a dream to wear, but a little bit of a nightmare to work with – however the end result is worth it!

For my own wedding, I decided to make my own wedding dress.  I didn't go to wedding boutiques and search through dresses, which in some ways I feel I may have missed out on bubbly!  What I did was scan the Internet for styles I liked, then incorporated them all into the one.  I wanted to reflect my personality and love for history; I chose the era of 1920s as a starting point.  I wanted a slightly medieval twist to this and keep it floaty like “May Queen” Pre-Raphaelite style.  It was quite a few items to have on the checklist, but it was great to be in control of one aspect of the wedding – especially when all other plans for the day were changing constantly!

Inspiration from Atonement dress and dreamy Pre-Raphaelite work.




The end result:


I had also made another wedding dress.  This was for an Aussie getting married here in Scotland.  She always wears colour and has a fabulous style.  Her idea was for floaty and to walk down the aisle in her barefeet - If it was completely up to her she’d have worn every colour for her wedding day.  But since a lot of her family would be there, she was a little persuaded to go traditional.  As a designer and listening to the bride of what she really wanted, I couldn’t dress her completely traditional, so I combined her love of colour and a little traditional element to it. Made of cool ivory satin, I incorporated several colours of silk underneath the dress that would show when she moved, and later in the evening the train could be pinned up to show even more colour.  Ribbons of colours were used across the arms to tie in with the coloured skirt. 

She looked beautiful!


Until next years weddings!