I have been back in Scotland for the end of Summer and the start of Autumn/fall.  I left the winter in Australia, to come home and enjoy the last rays of sun before the autumn sets in.  It has been strange, experiencing the many seasons in such a short time.

I have been on a roller coaster of emotions over the last month.  A sudden death in the family made me come back home and I am in the early stages of grief.  Without getting too personal it's been a heavy loss that I am struggling to put into words. It's been a loving but heartbreaking time; coming to terms with an important person not being in my life anymore.  As the season drifts to Autumn, it seems fitting that as the leaves change colour and finish their cycle, that I accept the sorrow and let nature and time do its job, in both my life and around me.  

What makes a good life?  Working hard? loving? being honest? Living every day as if it was your last?  We can all make grand gestures and promise to live differently when we are in moments like these. All I really see is to be open hearted and loving, spreading joy and happiness to others can only be a good way to live? Even just enjoying the little things in life, as these sad moments will happen to us all.

So just now I am reconnecting with my homeland - the place that makes me feel creative, happy and connected. Being back in the land that holds memories and history for me - a connection that goes back long before I was born, that pull is incredibly powerful.

Everyone goes through journeys, my journey was my career.  It still is, but from this I see there is little benefit in having tunnel vision on one branch of your life.  Experience all the different twists and turns in your life, make mistakes, take chances and be there for friends and family.

To anyone going through tough times, As heavy and painful as it is, you must allow yourself to feel it.  It may be dark at that moment, but light will come.  Autumn may be setting in, but spring is not far away.  It's a process, it's nature's cycle.

Sending you peaceful, loving strength.

L x